Key Benefits of Being an Independent Wealth Advisory Firm – RIA (Registered Investment Advisor)

A Customized Guidance Based on your Whole Financial Picture

  • Not tied to any particular family of funds or investment products
  • More freedom and flexibility to choose tailored solutions that are best for our clients

An Attentive and Personal Relationship

  • Hold a high ethical standard towards the client
  • Cultivate the financial relationship with the client
  • Build an understanding of the clients’ situation

Offering a Fee Structure that is Transparent

  • Advisory Fee – Based on a percentage of assets under management
  • As your account grows – “You prosper, we prosper!”

A High Level of Expertise to Assist Our Clients

  • A holistic approach is taken to encompass your entire financial picture
  • Assistance in Trust | Estate Planning
  • Complex tax situations
  • Access to “Best-of-the-Best” Technology in the Market
    1. 1) Wealth Analysis – using a probabilistic approach to financial planning
    2. 2) Enhanced performance reporting

Money is Held by an Independent Custodian – Not the Advisory Firm

  • Provides a system of checks-and-balances
  • Money is not held by the same person who advises the clients

What is a Fiduciary? Being a fiduciary embraces the legal and moral obligation to place the client's interests before our own.

As fiduciaries regulated under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Beacon Harbor Wealth Advisors is held to the highest standards of loyalty, prudence, and care under the American legal system. This encourages a unique level of personalized service not always found in investor-broker/advisor relationships.

Key Points:

  • A) Providing Fee-Only Advice with NO COMMISSIONS!
  • B) Establish encompassing financial planning
  • C) No GRAY area – acting as true “Fiduciaries”!
  • D) Declared independence from a Broker-Dealer, Bank, or any Insurance Company
  • E) Third-Party tools utilized to manage performance